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Best Rehabilitation Center in Hyderabad for Post Stroke Treatment

The road to recovery is a transformation journey that requires patience, strength, and hope. Rehabilitation after stroke helps patients slowly work towards going back to their healthy physical and psychological states. The recovery process after a stroke usually comprises relearning skills that you might have lost post-stroke. The result varies depending on the level of stroke. At Ayurdha Institute of Rehabilitation Sciences, we provide post-stroke rehabilitation treatment that is tailored according to your needs. Our holistic treatment approach aims to help bring positive improvements in a patient’s life. We are one of the most trusted name in providing stroke physiotherapy in India making us the best rehabilitation centre in Hyderabad.

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Let Us Understand More About Stroke

Stroke refers to a sudden cut-off in the blood supply to the brain. In case of not enough blood being transferred to the brain, the blood cells start to die from the lack of oxygen reaching the brain. If a certain amount of cells is hampered, the damage becomes permanent and the functions related to those parts can be lost. Strokes require immediate medical attention as restoring the blood flow can help in limiting the kind of damage that occurs. Once the condition is stable then post stroke rehabilitation treatment starts.

Strokes can be characterized into – 

  • Ischaemic: decrease in the blood flow in cerebral infarction. This is a common type of stroke that leads to a lack of nutrients and blood resulting in the death of neurons.
  • Hemorrhagic: these strokes are a result of ruptured blood vessels in the cerebral region. The recovery usually has better results. 

Post-stroke effects are dependent on the area of injury as well as the extent of damage. The right side of the body is usually affected when the site of injury is on the left hemisphere. and vice versa. The cerebellum area-related stroke will cause imbalance related to coordination, nausea, and vomiting. 

Some of the common challenges faced by stroke patients are-

  • Weakness 
  • Motor function reduction
  • Speaking difficulty
  • Cognitive ability gets impaired
  • Lack or reduced sensations in some parts of the body
  • Impairment in balance and coordination
  • Behavior changes such as anger, frustration, and more

Rehabilitation After Stroke: What Happens in Post-Stroke Recovery?

The first step towards recovery post a stroke is rehabilitation. The main objective of rehabilitation after stroke is to help regain some physical functions and skills that might have been lost due to the stroke. It helps improve the quality of life overall. Every person is different hence the result and timeline of recovery varies depending on the severity of the stroke. Ayurdha Institute of Rehabilitation Sciences is the best rehabilitation centre in Hyderabad focused on providing comfortable and holistic recovery.

Stages of Rehabilitation of a Post-Stroke Condition

  • The timeline for the recovery process is not fixed. Hence the stages of stroke rehabilitation duration can be individualistic.
  • The initial phase includes hospital stay 
  • Usually for a month post-stroke inpatient rehabilitation is provided everyday
  • Home health care is advised for up to 2 months
  • Depending on the needs of an individual, outpatient rehabilitation can also be provided.

 At Ayurdha Institute of Rehabilitation Sciences in India, we provide expert assessment to our patients. With our cutting-edge technology, we provide accurate assessment results. Based on these results and discussions with the patient as well as the family, a treatment course is planned. These treatment plans are reviewed regularly and we aim to maximize our client’s rehabilitation after stroke.

Post Stroke Rehabilitation Treatment

The process of recovery post-stroke occurs after the patient is declared stable. The post stroke rehabilitation treatment plan varies from person to person. With cutting-edge technology for diagnosis and a highly skilled team of professionals guiding you throughout the treatment, Ayurdha Institute of Rehabilitation Science is the best rehab treatment centers for post-stroke recovery. We provide a holistic approach to improving function. 

Physical Therapy 

The process of physical therapy is an important step towards recovery. Stroke physiotherapy in India can include motor skill exercises, gait training, range of motion therapy, and more. Ayurdha Institute of Rehabilitation Sciences is one of the best rehab treatment centers that provides stroke physiotherapy in India.

  • Motor skill therapy focuses on recovering and improving the ability to perform day-to-day functions. These motor skills include grip, pinch, movements of arms or legs, and much more. Motor skill exercises can help in improving muscle strength. Overall coordination for functions such as balancing, walking, and all is also improved by motor skill exercises.
  • Gait training includes the improvement of functions that help in movements. These functional strength training exercises will help with getting in/out of bed, walking, climbing up the stairs, and more. Assistance is provided to maintain your balance.
  • Range of motion therapy is used to improve flexibility and increase mobility. Some exercises can help in easing the tension between muscles and improve the extent of movement. 
  • Constraint-Induced Muscle Therapy This involves limiting the movement of one arm by constraining it and letting the other handle all functions. Usually, strokes affect any side of the body leading to weakness and coordination decrease. By isolating one arm it is forced to activate muscles and strength. 

Occupational Therapy 

The journey of rehabilitation after stroke also includes occupational therapy. The aim of occupational therapy is to help people live life more independently. It includes working on cognitive abilities as well as motor movements. Skills such as attention, memory, problem-solving, and all are worked on. Ayurdha Institute of Rehabilitation sciences prides itself in being the best rehabilitation center in Hyderabad.

Speech Therapy

In cases of stroke, the cognitive processing gets hampered. Speech therapy helps in regaining pronunciation. With speech therapy, the cognitive processing for verbalizing your thoughts is also slowly recovered. One of the top rehabilitation centers, Ayurdha Institute of Rehabilitation sciences offers a committed team of professionals to help throughout the process.

Why Is Ayurdha Institute of Rehabilitation Sciences The Best Rehabilitation Center in Hyderabad ?

At Ayurdha Institute of Rehabilitation Sciences, we aim to provide the best rehabilitation after  stroke. Our highly skilled physiotherapists and neuro specialists are committed to providing a holistic approach towards recovery and treatment making Ayurdha Institute of Rehabilitation Sciences best rehab treatment centers. With specialized professionals, individualistic plans, wellness management and patient centric environment, Ayurdha Institute of Rehabilitation Sciences stands as one of the top rehabilitation centers in post stroke rehabilitation treatment. We offer all the services needed for recovery post stroke which makes us the best rehabilitation centre in hyderabad.

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