Heal Your Back Pain with Physiotherapy at Ayurdha Institute of Rehabilitation Sciences

Do you feel stiffness from sitting for a long period? Or do you get a sharp pain in the back while getting out of bed? Tired of back pain every time you do these activities? Don’t worry. This is probably because you are suffering from lower back issues. Our back does so much for our body each day from keeping the body upright to making sure the delicate nerves are protected. It is a crucial part of the human body and is also prone to neglect. 

If you are suffering from pain in certain activities or consistently, this can severely affect the way you go through your everyday functions. If you are looking for physiotherapy for back pain treatment in Hyderabad, Ayurdha Institute of Rehabilitation Sciences is the best option. At Ayurdha Institute of Rehabilitation Sciences, we strive to help you go back to your active and pain-free lifestyle. We provide physiotherapy for back pain treatment in Hyderabad.

Understanding The Source of Back Pain

Back pain can vary in many ways, from a slight ache or a muscle pull to burning and shooting pain. Your back comprises areas such as the lumbar, cervical, and thoracic. The pain in your back can also be dependent on the position as well. The lumbar region supports the entire upper body weight and is needed for everyday movements such as bending. Due to these heavy-duty functions, the lower back is more susceptible to weakness and injury.

Some of the common causes of back pain are

  • Age – one of the most common reasons for back pain can be due to an increase in age. As you grow older, normal wear and tear of the body can cause this pain.
  • Impact – any sudden and sharp impact or jerk can also lead to pain in the lower back. This sudden jerk can lead to strain or pull. This can be due to lifting excess weights or accidents.
  • Excess weight– increased body weight might lead to back problems. This can be due to the back not being able to support the weight. This excess weight can lead to a lot of strain on the lumbar region resulting in aches and pains.

In some cases, the back pain may arise from entirely different reasons which can be more serious. These chronic aches can be due to underlying reasons.

  • Herniated disk: the structure of a spine is such that it consists of individual discs that have 2 parts. The inner jelly-like nucleus and tougher outer rind. When any of the 5 disc’s inner gel squishes under the outer rind, this makes it press on the surrounding. This pressure on the surroundings presses the nerves and hence causes pain.
  • Arthritis: the lower back is one of the most common regions for back pain in the case of arthritis. If the pain lasts more than a couple of days it can be considered chronic. Lower back pain is a symptom of Psoriatic arthritis. 
  • Osteoporosis: this refers to an ailment in which loss of bone density occurs. Spine oestoproesis affects the bone density of the vertebrae (spine), which makes them susceptible to fractures. Lack of vitamin D can lead to this condition.

One specific degenerative cause of back pain is Disc Bulge. Disc Bulge usually happens when the intervertebral disc becomes damaged. This makes the inner jelly extend beyond the disc which puts pressure on the nerves. The treatment for bulging discs usually includes physical therapy. These include Thermotherapy, Cyrothrapy, Electrical Muscle Stimulation(EMS), Infrared therapy, and many more. If the physical treatment for bulging discs doesn’t work then in some cases invasive procedures are used.

Should You Opt for Physio Treatment for Lower Back Pain?

Physiotherapy is also known as physical therapy. This is part of the healthcare system which focuses on restoring and maintaining physical strength. Physical therapy focuses on the recovery of reduced mobility and function. These are usually done by licensed professionals. 

With the help of physiotherapy and rehabilitation, many individuals can get help. These treatments are fruitful and give results. Lower back pain therapies are a non-invasive form of treatment.

The physio treatment for lower back pain includes the following:

  • Exercise Programmes

These are exercise-centric programs that are used as a form of treatment in physiotherapy. These can include the following – strengthening exercises, flexibility exercises, and range of motion exercises. 

  • Manual Therapy Techniques

These include procedures such as soft tissue manipulation and more. These techniques usually help increase blood flow and reduce stiffness.

Why Should You Choose Ayurdha for Lower Back Pain Treatment Physiotherapy in Hyderabad?

Ayurdha Institute of Rehabilitation Sciences in India is a physiotherapy clinic based out of Hyderabad which treats a wide range of conditions. 

  •  We at Ayurdha focus on traditional healing methods with modern techniques to ensure all-round care and proper treatment. We take a holistic approach to patient treatment.
  • At Ayurdha, we understand that every patient is different and the treatment plans are specific to the needs of each patient. These specialized treatments are tailored to the requirements of the patient.
  • With a team of certified and skilled professionals, we make sure to provide the best back pain physical therapy treatment
  • We aim to educate the families as well as patients to provide emotional and psychological support. This helps in easy coping during the treatment journey.
  • We aim to improve children’s as well as adult’s life quality so that they can live everyday to the fullest.

Ayurdha Institute of Rehabilitation Sciences is the right choice for the best back pain doctor in Hyderabad. We aim to provide help to people to attain rehabilitation by developing self-confidence and feeling optimistic towards a better future.